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Starchild Publishing’s headquarters is in Newark, New Jersey.  Our first title released is Baptism By Fire by Michael Stanton.  This is the ground breaking book that first established the company.

It is our main goal to be a driving force in the African American genre and expose the world to authors with a unique imagination to deliver the best in urban fiction.  We will soon be able to equate our accomplishments in our publishing niche to our diligence in choosing the best books and the ability to gain the respect of our readers because of our willingness to respond to their high expectations from our company.

We decided to first enter into the publishing field when it became hard to find urban fiction that was thought provoking and able to totally entertain its readers.  Now it is our goal to fill in the blanks and make other publishers focus a little deeper on manuscripts that come across their desks and keep the readers of these books in mind before they publish them.  We will only publish the best books for our readers in order to thoroughly entertain them.

In the very near future we will be publishing many books with different aspects of the African American heritage and lifestyle.  This is to give others a better understanding of what we as a people are truly about because we have been unjustly portrayed far lower than we are.  As a result, Starchild Publishing will only deliver books that speak the truth of our life’s circumstances and situations.  We are speaking about the good and the bad but it will be the absolute truth.

It is our goal to provide avid readers with books that have the ability to change the world one book at a time and make it a better place for all of us to live.  We make sure to stand on any and every book we put into the market place with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you (the reader) do not believe our books are the best fiction and are not fully entertained because we refuse to just publish any book for the sake of trying to build a back-list of titles.

Our main objective in publishing is to not build our brand around the number of books we publish but the quality of the books we publish.  We most importantly would love our readers to critique our books and inform us of how to make our job easier by serving you better.

Our leading author Michael Stanton is the cornerstone of our publishing company.  He was the first author signed to Starchild Publishing and has released his first book by using our company’s name as the last name of his protagonist.  His books are the best we have read in urban fiction thus far.

We have developed a long list of titles we will release in a timely fashion.  Please continue to come back to our site because we will place sample chapters of each title we are about to release and would like you to be able to tell us what you would like us to release next.

We will also give away a free sound track to each of our titles to compliment the books we are publishing.  This is to give the readers a feel for the books through music.

These new artists will be released with our next venture which is Starchild Entertainment.  We look for our readers to propel us into the future of this publishing game.  We have to come to fully understand that we work for you and that means you (the readers) are the true back bone of Starchild Publishing.



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