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Michael Stanton

Michael Stanton

Michael Stanton was first published in 1999.  His stories are written from experience because he once lived the lifestyle he so thoroughly writes about.  It is the reason why his stories read like they are autobiographical.  There was a time when they were a mirror image of his very own life.

He has a myriad of talents.  He can sing, write music and play the piano and guitar.  Not only does he write novels but he is a freelance writer for major horror, mystery and romance magazines throughout the country.

Although he loves to write about the lifestyle he once led there is always a message at the end of the story to inform anyone living the life or thinking of going that way of the downfall of why it is not a wise decision to do so.

Writing about his past life is far cheaper than therapy and is therapeutic to heal old wounds and most necessary to keep him on the straight and narrow.  Look for a long list of spellbinding and gripping titles to be released by Michael in the very near future.

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Baptism By Fire #1 Promise









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