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Baptism By Fire Series

Baptism By Fire #1

Baptism by Fire, Part 1: EMPIRE

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Don Starchild had to do ten years in Trenton State Prison for a crime of murder that he did not commit.  He was set up by his childhood friend Sosa who was a part of his first organization that once controlled a section of Newark NJ.

Don only went halfway when punishing Sosa for sending him to prison and Sosa used Don’s younger brother as a pawn to force Don to face him after a huge defeat to his ego.  However, his brother was accidentally killed in the process of Sosa’s revenge.

Don then became a cold and calculating man and his quest was to build an empire in tribute to his slain brother.  His main goal was one of power and he wanted to totally dominate the underworld in order to fill the void created by his mistake of not killing his one and true enemy when he had the chance.

Don immersed himself deep into the world of a gangster and with the help of a Columbian cartel he built a family of his own.  They were willing to die for their leader but on the last day of serving him, they watched him die before their very eyes.


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