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Starchild Modeling Agency is looking for female models to be placed on our upcoming book covers and in our magazine called PRETTY GANGSTER MAGAZINE.

We will also work as an Agent Provocateur to get our models placed in other highly circulated Print Magazines, Online Magazines, Music Videos, Club/Party Hostings and Calendars, any venue to provide maximum exposure for our models to get noticed in the industry.  We will thoroughly represent you so you can properly represent us.

We seek models who not only have a pretty face and body but those with other talents to capitalize on.   Your looks should only be used to get you noticed.   True talent is going to keep your Star shining far longer than your looks.

It is imperative for our models to be able to integrate into many definable aspects of entertainment to last in the business.   Models who can sing, dance, act design clothes or have an  urgent sense of direction they would like to establish in the international business world of entertainment will be pivotal to Starchild Modeling Agency.

We need voluptuous women with shapely bodies, no bony, skinny, anorexic looking women.  You must be extremely comfortable wearing a bathing suit at photo shoots.   We are looking to work with all nationalities that fit our criteria.

Please email photo submissions for review along with a daytime phone number to  We will get back to you as soon as possible.









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