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Promise #1

Promise, Part 1: THE CHOSEN ONE

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Promise was born in the South and didn’t find out he was a foster child until the day of his foster mother’s death.  He had heard whispers throughout his young life that he was a ‘tricks’ baby and was ashamed to tell anyone about the origin of his birth or his birth parents.

Upon his foster mother’s death, Promise escaped the system of numerous foster homes by migrating to Newark NJ.  It was his foster mother’s last dying declaration for him to live with a couple who gave her their word to raise Promise if anything happened to her.

Promise arrives at the infamous Lincoln Motel and is immediately exposed to the world of players and women.  He instantly becomes fascinated with the life of a player and yearns to be a full time member of its street fraternity.

romise is taught vital secrets of the game by Silk who becomes Promise’s mentor to the art of being a true player.  Promise shows he has an innate ability to grasp the essential elements of the game and meets a woman named Ming who helps him rise to the top.  She exposes him to an ultimate danger that possesses the potential to rob him of his life but not before he takes the pimp world by storm and elevates the game to another level right before the eyes of the entire world of players.  He simultaneously discovers the mystery of who his mother and father really are.

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